Irrigation Design and Testing

Irrigation Design and Testing

Agro Engineering specializes in the design of farm irrigation systems. The design is based on comprehensive studies of soils, topography, crops, water supplies and economics. We assist farmers and water-user organizations in evaluating existing irrigation systems and developing design modifications or management alternatives.

We evaluate irrigation wells, pumping plants and center pivot irrigation systems. Recommendations are included for any adjustments that will improve system performance at the lowest cost to the producer. An evaluation is the starting point to a good irrigation water management program.

The well analysis may include well yield, static and pumping levels, pump efficiency and/or water quality. The pumping plant analysis typically includes head-discharge relationships, power consumption, efficiency and other operating characteristics such as motor load. The irrigation system analysis determines whether the system has adequate capacity and is capable of good irrigation uniformities with high efficiencies.

Agro Engineering will redesign systems to correct problems encountered during the evaluation. We have also developed custom software for the evaluation and design of irrigation systems.

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